Hitachi Seaside Park – 22 October 2013

A beautiful glimpse of red foliage Kochia or Miharashi no Oka blooms is the most attractive plant during the fall season at Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki. It was a great experience to see the red coloured groundcovers growing on top of the undulating earth mound. The red vivid and hardiness round shape Kochia with blue skies reveals to the accent landscape characteristic. Moreover, the physical form of red Kochia let me think of the famous hairy tropical fruit in Malaysia –“rambutan”. The aesthetic value of Kochia parkland provided a picturesquare landscape which you can view from various angles. In my point of view, the simple plant material and the minimalist softscape design combinations always convey a magnificent landscape result.

2015.9.30 LEE Yoke Lai